The “NEW” Epidemic – Grading Practices provide a comprehensive view on grading irregularities within American public schools.  The content of the book identifies the lack of alignment amongst the educational sectors and the need to adopt a unified policy.  Too many educational institutions are creating their own versions of grading systems that lack integrity, mathematically flawed in design, hinder many students from graduating with benefits, and or reduce some students’ eligibility for college admittance and scholarship offers.

Education as a whole is the key to any successful working entity and in order for any system to work, there is a huge dependency on the individual units within the system to successfully function as a cohesive unit in proper alignment.  The federal, state, and local districts must all work as one as students progress from high school to the real world.  Whether its college or the workforce, students must graduate prepared and knowledgeable. The lack of quality with public school grading practices is at the forefront of America’s problem.  The proof is in the numbers!